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a helpful guide to The New Action Art

What IS The New Action Art?

It’s a creative process that requires no prior art skill or background.

Watch a video where Michael Schaffer explains The New Action Art


In this video Michael Schaffer talks through Action Art and how it can enhance your overall creativity.

TNAA has its roots in Sacramento, California. The founder and head-instructor, Mike, holds regular workshops throughout Northern California. If you want to explore your creativity through abstract art, come join us! See workshop dates

How to Start – with The New Action Art!

In no time at all you will be creating New Action Art.
Never the same thing twice, and the possibilities are endless!

Follow these simple steps:

1. Learn the basics
2. Purchase your supplies
3. Create and share!

1. Learn the basics.

2. Purchase your supplies

Read on to find out how to complete these steps.

3. Create and share!

1. Learn the Basics

There are TWO main phases to creating New Action Art.

Phase One gets you familiar with the materials we use, and you create a background, or pattern to work with.
Phase Two encourages you to enhance the emerging composition using the acrylic inks and paints you are drawn to.
With these key skills under your belt, anything is possible!

Where to learn:

Join us for a workshop and learn alongside fellow creative explorers in Sacramento and Northern California.
See workshop dates and locations
We also have DVDs and tutorials of both phases available for purchase in the store.
Visit the store
Watch our instructional videos.
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2. Purchase your Supplies

If you are new to The New Action Art, you will find that our kit gives you everything you need to get creating art quickly.

Another option is to purchase supplies seperately. We have very competitive rates on all of our items!


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3. Create and Share!

The exciting part is to see where the journey takes you…

Joining a workshop will teach you fun techniques, and encourage you to describe what you see and experience in each other’s work.

For all of our abstract art lovers, we have a Facebook page where you can post pictures of your work and get involved in some creative conversation.

We love to support each other in our community, regardless of our experience levels.

Other Things To Do

There’s plenty to explore at The New Action Art

For the latest news and goings-on in our community, as well as plenty of art-related tidbits, visit our blog, The Drip!

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Learn about Michael Schaffer, the founder of The New Action Art , and what a creative community means to him.

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